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Legalization and Notarization

Certificates are often only accepted, if their authenticity is proven by authorities and consular in the country of origin. To provide such prove, it is necessary to verify and legalize the documents beforehand. By legalizing a certificate or official document, a document issued by the country of origin is also accepted by the country where it is going to be used (e.g. for the application of a residence and work permit).

Besides the authenticity of the document the authenticity of the issued seal as well as the signature of the certificate is proved.

The regulations on ho wand by with a document is to be legalized differs from country to country and also depends on the type of document.

Documents that are usually to be legalized in the country of origin:

  • Letter of attorney

  • Certificates of good conduct

  • Birth certificates

  • Marriage certificates

  • Company documents

  • Certificates

  • Study and work diplomas

Passarge Visa support with the application of verifications and legalizations:

 Notarial translations of certificates and other official documents
 Verification of certificates and other official documents
 Legalization at according consular representations or embassies
 Visit of authorities and document handling
 Procurement of documents